In general, we believe that an athlete should be as independent from sponsors as possible in order to remain himself/herself, and that sport should come first and not the commitments that can be made in a sponsorship. However, it must be said that at a certain point it is no longer possible to become better only with a lot of training, ingenuity and love for what you do. Especially in orienteering, training in relevant terrain is crucial and that does usually not lie just around the next corner where you could also go by bike. Orienteering is certainly not as cost-intensive as other sports, but still we have to cover some costs with the many trips, training camps and equipment. We try to keep these as small as possible with an efficient organisation, but on our way to the top of the world, the finances will become more and more important and will decide to a certain extent where we end up. So if you would like to support a young, fresh team from Switzerland with big dreams, we can talk about a sponsorship and find out if your and our ideas are compatible.

We distinguish between sponsors and partners when working with others. As a sponsor, you support us primarily out of goodwill and not because you expect a business advantage from us promoting your brand. Of course, we are also willing to give sponsors something in return for their support. But that would more likely be of a symbolic nature.


The situation is different in the case of a partnership. Here we expect explicitly that we can contribute to making your brand visible within the orienteering community in Switzerland, but also internationally.




Thank you very much!


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