Partnership with SimpleTrain

SimpleTrain is a young travel company based in Zurich, run by Linus Egli, Marius Portmann and Austin Widmer. Their company offers bookings for train travels across the whole European rail network. At this point in time, planning train journeys across national borders can be a time-consuming and nerve-racking process, as different timetables and reservation rules apply everywhere and the various booking portals and the associated deadlines are confusing in many cases. In addition, train travel often seems very expensive at first glance. This is now changing thanks to SimpleTrain. The company knows the industry well, always finds the cheapest connections and also immediately takes care of the necessary purchases of tickets and any reservations for the customers. With their service, SimpleTrain make train traveling in Europe more attractive than ever. The company’s main goal is to help shift individual long-distance transportation from air to rail and by doing so to contribute to shaping a more sustainable future. These are the reasons why we are working together with SimpleTrain. 


Orienteering has certainly got some things right in terms of sustainability, but a domain where there is still a great need for action is travelling. Orienteers like to travel a lot, which will not change considering that our sport is bound to the different maps all over Europe. What certainly does need to change, however, is the way we travel. We believe that many orienteers do have a certain environmental awareness and we hope that more people will choose to travel by train in the future if we make SimpleTrain visible within the orienteering family. From our point of view, there is nothing to be said against it in terms of price and effort. 


Of course, we ourselves also benefit from this partnership, as we also want to travel a lot, but keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. We can leave the organisation of our travels to SimpleTrain at favourable conditions and focus completely on training.